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Some places we should go to walk hand-in-hand..

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

To start the day off, we can visit the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. I am intrigued by historical landmarks such as this one that’s located in Chamberlain Square, this attraction is free and of course, appealed to my frugal nature. We can enter the museum right as it opened at 10 a.m., Staffordshire Hoard is the world’s largest collection of local history collections, Pre-Raphaelite art and art and relics pertaining to Greek, European and Ancient Egyptian culture. Strolling hand-in-hand through the many exhibits that the museum had to offer is not only a calming and romantic experience, but it also allowed us to educate ourselves more about the culture of the area.

Tiptop Grill

Afterwards, we can go to eat at Tiptop Grill and took in the glorious view (it is a lunch-only joint). The owners decided to term the restaurant “Tiptop Grill” because the view is, in a word, panoramic and affords you a good look at everything that the city has to offer. Plus, the food and drink aren’t too shabby either.

Cannon Hill Park

After lunch, we can proceed to take a stroll in Cannon Hill Park where there’s plenty of fresh air, greenery and lush flowers to enjoy. At the park’s information center, it tells you that the park was opened in 1873 and that today the park consists of 80 acres of parkland and 120 acres of conservation and woodland plantation. We should strolled by the tennis courts, bowling green, Garden Tea Rooms and several of the walkways that run along the gurgling Red River Sea. You will be surprised to discover that the park had a mini-golf course. I love it..

The Jewelry Quarter

Of course, a day out with a gentleman like you wouldn’t be complete without a bit of shopping, so.. Please, treat me to a shopping trip to the Jewelry Quarter! I daresay it is always my favorite part of the day (I am not talking here about spending a night closed to you..). The Museum of the Jewelry Quarter is set in a historic jewelry factory, and the exhibits educate people all about how jewelry was manufactured 200 years ago in the building. The cost to tour together this museum is relatively affordable at just £12.

The Jewelry Quarter - Liza Birmingham

British Motor Museum

As a guy you should take a great interest in antique automobiles, to me, it is the most intriguing destination. The British Motor Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of historic British cars. I particularly enjoyed seeing the very first Land Rover as well as the first Lady Penelope’s FAB1. For those interested in learning more about how cars led to significant changes in the way people function throughout the decades, the “Time Road” exhibit is fantastic.

Romantic Dining

I want to cap off our day with a romantic dining experience, which I am sure you would love, so I will take you to Amore Ristorante Italiano. The atmosphere is classy and intimate, and the sparkling wine and champagne certainly help to set the mood as well. We will dined over candlelight and will enjoyed a delicious meal. I suggest the Polla al Piccata that consists of sauteed chicken with capers, mushrooms and a lemon beur blanc, but there are also plenty of other great menu options at this restaurant as well.

Amore Ristorante Italiano - Liza escort

While Birmingham isn’t always the first place that comes to mind when people think of having a day out with their girlfriends, I’m sure we’ll both remember for years our romantic meeting.

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