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Hello dear I am Liza a very sexy young escort woman loosing time for fun with gentlemen living in Birmingham.
I am a 24 years old call girl, I love to go out for a party or for sharing good time in the city with a nice man by my side. If you are visiting the town do not stay alone in your hotel room like most lonely people frequented the land of fantasy.

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Liza sexy young escort in Birmingham
May be you are wondering you if spending a night with me in Birmingham
should be the right thing to do ? Let me share with you this little testimony..

A friend of mine had been to Birmingham and he just couldn’t stop talking about it and Liza until I was almost avoiding him. If you have the kind of a friend I have, you sure would think about it too. They make you feel as if you’ve been living in a hole for a very long time and you need to do something about it. Everyone has a wild part thumping deep down in the heart. My friend had talked so much about Birmingham but what I was most interested in was the wild night life with Liza. In my fantasies I sneaked into the dancing parties, went into the live performances, and of course had a drink or two to cap it all. The more I dreamt about it and Liza, the more I was convinced I had to do something about it. I had to hatch out another plan. It turned out, however, that I didn’t have to. Sure, I will met Liza on my way to good old Birmingham.

Let me tell you something about the places I love down town:

Marvelous Restaurants

If there is anything to be said about the Birmingham’s restaurants, it is the attractive recipe and equally tasty meals. The fish taco at a Mexican Restaurant was incomparable. The same goes with the steak and chicken without forgetting the garlic fries. However, the best part is the beautiful and friendly ambience. If you would like to tryit out– which you really should – here is what you’ll find:

Really nice recipes which include fish taco, steak and chicken, chorizo cheese dip, prickly pear margarita and lots more.
Friendly and quick service
Spacious seating place both inside and outside as well as a great patio
A fair price if you take into account the tasty food and great service.

The Wild Nightlife of Birmingham Clubs
The Wild Nightlife of Birmingham Clubs
To tell you the truth, I like the food but I really love the nightlife. You can’t wait to see what the famed Birmingham night clubs had to offer. In addition you will have a closer intimacy with me your escort girlfriend. Well, you will found exactly what you wanted.. Don’t you know that Broad Street is famous for its wild nightlife and sizzling hot action? If you want to fill much better or want more than that. Let’s go to Hurst Street. Known as the hub for the gay community of Birmingham, Hurst Street has rich history of LGBT. There are countless clubs, cafes and lounges.

Few time ago with my last admirer “Paul” we settled for Missing Bar, a club located on 48 Bromsgrove Street. Our first stop was an upstairs bar. While we grabbed a drink, we couldn’t help but get amazed at the fun hidden at this place. It seemed we had underestimated Missing Bar. Frequented by mostly people falling under LGBT, the club was wild as any could get. There was a stage with several beauties showing off their pole dancing skills every now and then. However, the night was getting incredibly short and you can bet we hadn’t enough. Our next stop was The Nightingale Club along Kent Street. If Missing Bar was hot, then this club was steaming. Believe me it is the most popular joint for LGBT people who come from all corners of the country. With three floors and a balcony as well as smoking area outside, Nightingale dwarfs most of its competitors.

There are stages and an area for games but Paul couldn’t help whisking me to the dance platform. To put it in a simple way, the music was entrancing. I had so longed to be lost in such fun that it was almost hours later when Paul dragged me off. Before we retired for a well-deserved and sexy rest, the night was already ebbing away. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t check out for Paul (he should come again) everything Birmingham had to offer. We hadn’t visited the theatre or the famous live performances. We hadn’t even tasted all the great variety of food offered by the different restaurants.

Paul’s decision to fly back home was a hard one. There was the feeling that he is leaving behind something very close but he had to go back to his normal live. However, he made a firm decision: I will come back very soon. There are so much to see and so much to do.

Love at first sight with Liza your very closed escort girl.

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